The Best 5 Google Maps Plugins for WordPress

Unquestionably, Google Maps is the first service that springs to mind when you wish to display a map on your website. If you operate a business, including Google Maps on your website can help customers find you. Your consumers will be drawn to your WordPress site when Google Maps is added, and they will be able to locate your location.

By making your website more visible in search engines, you could be able to attract more website visitors.

What exactly is Google Maps?

A web application called Google Maps offers comprehensive data on locations and geographic features all over the world. In addition to providing normal road maps, Google Maps also provides aerial and satellite views of many locations. Street views in many cities are available on Google Maps and are made up of images captured from moving vehicles.

As a component of the larger Web application, Google Maps offers the following list of services.

  • A route planner provides directions for persons who want to travel from one location to another by vehicle, bicycle, foot, or public transportation.
  • Using the Google Maps application program interface, website owners can integrate Google Maps into a paid-for website like a real estate resource or volunteer page (API).
  • With the help of Google Maps for Mobile, drivers can get location services that integrate data from wireless and cellular networks with their mobile device’s GPS position (if available).
  • Google Street View allows users to view and navigate through horizontal and vertical panoramic street-level images of many locations around the world.

The Advantages of Adding a Google Map to Your WordPress Website

Your customers may locate your store or business using Google Maps. Establishing confidence in your brand and business is crucial. Additionally, it will make it easier for customers to discover you and tempt them to come into your store more regularly.

Users who check your Google Maps listing can see a whole index of your business, which includes your company’s phone number. Because the bulk of Google Map searches is performed on mobile devices, they can call your business with just one tap.

Google Maps allows people the opportunity to rapidly contact a business, ask them questions, and then decide whether to visit or not because it is commonly used as a decision-making tool. Let’s see some advantages.

Improves Local SEO: Asking your WordPress developers to include a Google Map to your site’s About Us page is a clever strategy to improve local SEO. If you include a map of your location on your company website, customers will be more likely to notice your establishment.

Offers Straightforward Directions: Google Maps makes it simple for customers to discover directions to your company’s location from wherever they are. It offers instructions for driving, walking, using a bus, and even biking. Locals will have an easier time finding your business as a result.

Improves Interactivity: Search engines keep tabs on how visitors interact with your website. People typically find plugins fascinating and scroll and explore the map to see how close they are to your establishment or whether they might go to other neighboring places. A longer time spent on your website results in better search results.

Highlights of WordPress site reviews

If your customer ratings are positive, you may use the integrated Google Map to impress visitors and take advantage of the opportunity to boost sales.

In this article, let’s have a look at the best 5 Google map plugins.

1. gooMaps

With gooMaps, adding a location to your WordPress website is easy. gooMaps, which provides adjustable, complicated, and simple maps, is the most user-friendly map plugin. gooMaps allows you to create any kind of map you can think of. You can include many other maps like this in your websites.

Selecting the plugin that will best meet your demands is the first step if you are prepared to install a suitable plugin to incorporate Google Maps on your website. This makes the amazing plugin gooMaps for your WordPress site a top suggestion.

  • The most user-friendly map plugin is gooMaps, which offers customizable maps that vary from simple to complex. With Google Maps, any type of map may be produced. You can make almost any kind of map using gooMaps. These maps can all be incorporated into your websites.
  • You can make complex maps for your business locations using gooMaps’ extra capabilities so that customers can discover them easily.
  • Allow users to select whether the direction’s beginning or ending point is where they are right now on a map. You can include as many waypoints as you need in your route. There may be a separate map marker for each waypoint. Every waypoint might have its own map marker.
  • Routes between destinations can be readily created by site administrators and viewed on a map. The route’s user interface can be simply modified on the backend.
  • Without a doubt, our gooMaps plugin is compatible with WPML and supports multiple nations. Consequently, using a guided marketing strategy puts customers from all over the world at ease.
  • Maps can be quickly displayed on one page by site managers. On every single one, our plugin creates maps that are completely responsive.

2. WP Google Map

The WP Google Map Plugin, which is available in two versions—lite and premium—is another feature-rich plugin.

With the lite edition, you can display any number of Google maps on a single map and select the latitude/longitude bearing at which the map must be centered. A message box or URL may open when a marker is clicked.

The plugin supports all of the Google Maps street location, localization, Street View, and map widget features. Additionally, it enables satellite, hybrid, road, and terrain views. The size of the map is instantly discernible. Add a lot of additional layers, such as those concerning travel, traffic, and weather.

You can add an infinite number of map markers using this plugin. On the WP Google Map, there are more than 500 pre-designed markers. Even more routes and distances are displayed in the pro edition (in miles or kilometers). It is possible to entirely drag and reshape it.

Other qualities include: 

  • The site should display custom filters for in-depth searches.
  • info-window templates that are appealing and adaptable.
  • Show a paginated list of locations with filters.
  • Create a map with both a satellite view and a conventional view.
  • On click or hover, animated markers appear.
  • Use many map layers to display traffic, bicycles, and transit

3. WP Google Maps

WP Google Maps is a great addition to contact page maps for showing a delivery area and other comparable requirements. Choose from nine different map themes, or create your own and include it. Drag the markers to the correct spot after entering the address to add them. Move the marks around a bit.

The plugin supports all of the Google Maps street location, localization, Street View, and map widget features. Additionally, it enables satellite, hybrid, road, and terrain views. The size of the map is instantly discernible. Add a lot of additional layers, such as those concerning travel, traffic, and weather.

This plugin is compatible with caching plugins. It is accessible without being weighed down by links to commercial content. The store finder feature allows you to refine the outcomes of your store search based on where you are.

Additional features:

  • a range of screens-covering increasing maps.
  • Various criteria, including custom fields, can be used to filter markers.
  • Categories, places, directions, images, videos, links, and descriptions are all examples of markers.
  • Maps allow users to add their own markers and use their position as a starting or finishing point for directions.
  • advanced store locator capabilities that let you search by category and use your location.
  • By importing or exporting to a CSV file, quick editing of marker data is feasible. Further options include import from URI (REST API), XML, CSV, JSON, and GPX.

4. Maps Widget for Google Maps

With the Maps Widget for Google Maps, a perfect map with a thumbnail and lightbox can be made in a flash. The simple-to-use user interface makes it easy to create and customize maps. Furthermore, you will have the option to save the maps with particular parameters in a map library and recover them later for reuse, with or without modification. If you use Gutenberg, they also offer a free Map Block Gutenberg plugin.

Making maps allows you to accomplish many things. You can, for instance, change the color and sizes, add more locations and markers, and change the position and zoom level of the maps. Alternately, pick one of the preconfigured map designs that are offered. If you’d like, you can style the maps with your own CSS.

Other characteristics are:

  • total individualization Google Maps’ size
  • Find more than 1500 map pins (paid version)
  • There are numerous color options in Google Maps.
  • Map views include street, satellite, terrain, and hybrid.
  • markers with distinctive icons
  • embedding a shortcode that will display maps wherever you desire (paid version)

5. Maps Marker Pro

Maps Marker Pro wins a spot on this list of the best WordPress Google Maps plugins thanks to its incredible features and extensive use. You can use it to personalize each marker as you go, share any route or trace, and plot any location. Starter permits are $39 each.

It could seem intimidating at first to use the 600+ options to generate a map. You only need to configure the map’s dimensions, make marks, and choose the layers if you pay close attention, though. The ability to import information from several sources, such as Bing, HERE, Open Street Map, or Google Maps, might make a difference.

Other characteristics are:

  • Use QR codes to provide offline maps.
  • Real-time location and motion sharing.
  • Augmented reality can be used to construct a situation.
  • There are numerous markers and a marker clustering option on each layer.
  • Pop-ups with animated marker graphics
  • By importing and exporting data in the JSON (the default), CSV, XLS, XLSX, and ODS formats, bulk changes to markers can be made.


You must integrate Google Maps WordPress Plugins with your WordPress website in order to run a flawless business and increase customer accessibility. For this reason, you must adhere to a simple and effective procedure for including a Google map when using a plugin. Why the delay, then? Use a plugin that is appropriate and a Google Map to effectively display your customers. 

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