WordPress Email Marketing Automation: Tips & Tricks to Run a Successful Campaign

🚀 Everyone knows that email marketing is a critical piece of any company’s marketing strategy. But it’s not just about sending out newsletters once in a while. Email marketing also means creating automated campaigns to nurture the leads you get from other channels, such as social media or your website. An effective email marketing workflow automates the whole process and helps you segment your audiences in many ways. You can target users based on their behavior and interests, send different emails at different times of the day to optimize open rates, and much more. And so, if you are ready to start using email as one of your main tools for lead generation and user retention, keep on reading this blog post to discover the best practices we learned working with so many different companies.

What is WordPress email marketing automation?

Email marketing automation is a set of rules that create a sequence of activities based on certain criteria. Automated emails can be triggered by certain events, like a customer’s purchase or a customer has a specific interaction on your website. Such sequences of emails are meant to be sent out to groups of users based on their behavior and interests. You can create a sequence of emails that would be delivered one after another, or send different emails at different times of the day to optimize open rates. Email marketing automation is a great way to increase customer engagement and drive sales by sending personalized emails based on the customer’s activity. You can use it to send welcome emails, send reminders about an upcoming product launch, send special offers, and collect user data.

 Why should you use WordPress for email marketing?

There are different email marketing automation tools that you can use for your campaigns. You can outsource them to a third party or choose a fully hosted solution like MailChimp or Campaign Monitor. WordPress, however, is a fully integrated system that offers all the tools and features you need for email marketing. More importantly, it has a great email marketing plugin ecosystem, which makes it easy to create, send, and manage all types of email campaigns. There are a number of reasons why WordPress is the first choice among companies for creating and managing email campaigns. Firstly, it is a fully integrated content management system. This means that you can create and manage email campaigns alongside your blogs, websites, and other marketing materials. Secondly, you can use a variety of email marketing plugins to create and send campaigns. Thirdly, there are many WordPress email marketing plugin reviews that can help you find the best solution for your business. Fourthly, you can integrate your email marketing campaigns with other tools for a better user experience. Lastly, WordPress can be easily customized to fit your brand and style.

How to build an effective email marketing workflow with WordPress?

To create a fully automated email campaign and integrate it into your WordPress website, you need to plan everything in advance. 

What are the most important elements of an effective WordPress email marketing workflow?

– Ideal customer profile – Your customer profile is an essential part of any marketing strategy. When creating a new email marketing workflow, start by defining your ideal customer. You can use different tools for this, like the Persona Miner or the Marketing Development Funnel tool. Once you have an idea of your ideal customer, you can create a marketing plan for them. – Campaign objective – Each email marketing campaign has an objective, usually to get a certain type of user to take certain actions. Before you create your workflow, make sure you have a clear campaign objective. Depending on the type of campaign, you can use a welcome sequence to welcome new customers, a retargeting sequence to remind past customers about your products, or a nurturing sequence to engage users at each stage of their journey. – Content type – Every marketing channel has its own style. Email, however, can be many things. Depending on your campaign objective, you can create different types of content. For example, if you want to create an educational sequence to help users get more value from your product, you can use article-like content. – Segment your users – Once you know your customer profile and the type of content you want to use, the next step is to segment your users. Using the tools mentioned above, you can create many customer personas and segment your users according to their profiles. The best way to do this is to create a table with three columns – Segment, Type of Content, and Frequency of Delivery. Once you have this table, you can decide which type of content to send to each segment and how often. For example, you can send a retargeting sequence to your registered users every two weeks, and a welcome sequence to new users every week.


WordPress email marketing automation is a great way to increase customer engagement and drive sales. To create a successful campaign, you need to

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